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“ തൃക്കാരപ്പോ പടിക്കേലും വായോ
ഞാനിട്ട പൂക്കളം കാണാനും വായോ (മൂന്നൂ പ്രാവശ്യം ആവർത്തിച്ച്)
ആർപ്പേ.... റ്വോ റ്വോ റ്വോ”

Legend says Lord Vamana had sent King Mahabali to the Pathal Loka at Thrikkakkara. The place where the holy feet of Vishnu avatar touched later came to be known as Thrikkakkara.

Every year, people gather in huge numbers to seek blessings from the Divine power residing in Thrikkakkara. In their quest to take a piece of this divine moment along with a bunch of other memories, people buy the clay idols of Thrikkakkara Appan- Lord Vishnu.

The clay structure symbolises the return of their benevolent King Mahabali , and the incident related to his departure to the afterworld. Thrikkakkara appan or Onathappan, is usually placed on the floral decoration during the ten-day festival of Onam.

To grace your house with the divine presence, Festeves brings to you the entire set of Onathappan consisting of 5 units of Onathappan and 4 idols made of clay.