Flaunt your Pookalam with festeves flowers

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പൂവേ പൊലിപൂവേ പൊലി പൊലി പൂവേ
പൂവേ പൊലിപൂവേ പൊലി പൊലി പൂവേ
തുമ്പപ്പൂവേ പൂത്തിടണേ
നാളേയ്ക്കൊരു വട്ടി പൂ തരണേ
ആക്കില ഈക്കില ഇളംപടി പൂക്കില
ആയിരമായിരം പൂ തരണേ

Can there ever be an Onam without flowers? Well, the answer is a big no. The floral rangoli, often called the Pookalam mesmerises the young and the old alike. The flower bed mystically draws us into the world of colour and envelopes us in its sweet fragrance.

Pookalam forms a part of the age-old tradition linked with Onam. Young children with flower baskets in one hand, singing the folk songs to gather flowers from the gardens are etched in our memory.

Taking you down memory lane, Festeves bring to you the long lost fragrance of your favourite flowers in our Onam kit. You can choose from the ten plus variants of fresh flowers from our website. The blue daisy flower, which will fall under the premium category can also be purchased from us.